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Leather Jackets

Women's Leather Jackets Online

When it comes to jackets, we know the importance of finding the right one for you. You not only want warmth and comfort, and to make sure your jacket is durable and reliable in all weather conditions that you face, but you also want one that is stylish and on-trend this season.

That is where a leather jacket comes in! Leather jacket styles are versatile, stylish and durable. They look great with pretty much anything, including denim jeans, dresses and coats!

To help you to narrow down your search for the perfect leather jackets this season, we have put together a guide that includes the must-have styles, the very best styles and some inspirational looks that will help you to create a look that is all your own. So, if you are looking for leather jackets this spring/summer season, look no further!

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Dolly Faux Leather Fringed Cropped Jacket

Elisha Faux leather Jacket with Fur Trim

Amira Faux Leather Belted Jacket with Cuff Sleeves

Amira Faux Leather Belted Jacket with Cuff Sleeves

Amira Faux Leather Belted Jacket with Cuff Sleeves

Nelly Faux Fur and Leather Belted Jacket with Hood

Nina Faux Leather Blazer Jacket

Bella Faux Leather Belted Coat

Coco Faux Leather Belted Gilet

Imogen Faux Leather Blazer Jacket

Imogen Faux Leather Blazer Jacket

Sannah Faux Leather Shirt

Winnie Faux Leather Blazer Jacket

Ruby Faux Leather Shirt Jacket

What Makes a Leather Jacket a Great Wardrobe Staple?

Leather jackets are a great wardrobe staple for several reasons, and we're here to keep you in the know of all the pros and top reasons why owning such a piece will be a great investment for you.

Versatile- Leather jackets are a piece that can be worn throughout the year and in most weather conditions, from morning temperatures to chilly evening skies after dark! They're perfect for casual wear as easily as they'll look stylish with a night out ensemble. You can dress up or down your leather jacket with ease, and they will always look great.

Stylish- Leather is a popular fabric choice for many pieces in your wardrobe this year, and with such a huge selection of jackets available that come complete with unique designs, prints and embellishments it can be hard to find the perfect style for you! We feel we have found some of the best styles around, which you can check out below.

Practical- The beauty of a good leather jacket is that not only do they look great, but the best ones will also keep you warm and dry in all weather conditions! They're made from thick durable fabric, so feel free to face any kind of bad weather with ease this year.

How to Style Your Leather Jacket

Now that you have found the perfect piece to add to your wardrobe, it's time to look at some of our favourite ways you can style up this year! We are talking casual, smart casual and formal - so there are options for everyone.

Casual- You can't go wrong with black denim jeans and a goodleather jacket. It's a casual ensemble that is perfect for running errands, heading down to the shops or grabbing brunch with your besties!

Smart-Casual- Leather jackets are great pieces to wear when paired with smarter outfits too. They work well with light wash jeans, ripped denim shorts or even a simple dress if you are heading out straight from work.

Formal- If you want to look dressed up for a night out, leather jackets are the perfect outerwear choice. They look great when matched with tailored outfits, lace dresses and structured jumpsuits.

We think you'll agree that leather jackets are unique pieces that can be worn throughout the colder months of the year, making them the perfect wardrobe staple.

Where Can You Wear a Leather Jacket?

Well just about anywhere! Leather jackets are an excellent way to add more character to your outfit, especially if you're the type of person who likes to wear muted colours or outfits. Additionally, leather has a very cool look to it so it's great for any time of year. The great thing about leather jackets is that their versatility makes them a staple wardrobe piece that you can wear anywhere and everywhere.

Here is a list of places where you can wear your leather jacket:

- A bar, pub or club- so chic over your Saturday night LBD

- Hanging out with friends – always a good option

- To school – why not?

- On dates – we've seen celebs wear leather jackets with formal dresses and it looks amazing!

- Shopping – wear one with ripped jeans and a white tee for an edgy look.

There are literally endless possibilities when it comes to how and where you can wear your leather jacket. It's all about how fresh you look in it and how comfortable you are, so try out our several styles and find what's best for you!

One thing that is pretty much always in style? Leather jackets. In fact, there are very few instances where a leather jacket wouldn't be considered fashionable or stylish. Because of this, it's no wonder that they're typically seen as a must-have in any modern man's wardrobe.

iKrush Top Picks

Leather Blazer- If you're looking for a classic look that will never go out of style, then a leather blazer is probably what you're after. It's a timeless look that can be worn both in formal and casual occasions. There are so many styles to choose from so you'll definitely find one that fits your style.

Biker Jacket- Biker jackets have been popular for quite some time, and the good thing is that they're not going out of style any time soon. This unique piece of outerwear will give your look a more edgy vibe.

Lightweight Leather Jacket- If you're looking for something a little lighter weight, then a leather jacket with a lightweight fabric is the way to go. These are easy to carry around and perfect if you live in colder climates where having too much bulk can make it uncomfortable.

Black Leather Jacket- This is pretty much the staple item in every woman's wardrobe. This would look great paired with distressed denim jeans and you'll beready to face any weather conditions this spring/summer season with ease!

Not only do leather jackets look great and help you make a fashion statement, but they also serve as a solid layer of protection against the cold. Whether you're on your way to work or school or attending some other event, having this sort of protection is nice given the unpredictable weather we often face.

Shopping for Leather Jackets at iKrush

At iKrush, we have a variety of leather jackets to suit all types of style. You'll find everything from classic black leather jackets to more unique styles, so check out our large inventory and order your own today!

This style will never go out of fashion and you can reinvent it and make it look different by experimenting with footwear and jewellery to make it look different each time.

At iKrush, we also offer our items at an affordable prices, with exclusive offers and on-time delivery. So, go ahead and check out the collection of little black dresses at iKrush today and start shopping!