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Sequin Blue Blazer Dresses

Women's Blazer Dresses

When it comes to blazers, we love them! They're structured, sophisticated and add a touch of class to any outfit. Blazer dresses are perfect for any woman who not only wants to feel feminine and classy with a dress, but show off their girl boss status.

The blazer dress is perfect for any occasion, from a wedding to work or even casual day wear. They can be dressed up and down with ease and look great worn on their own during the summer months.Blazer dresses are a wardrobe staple and we see no reason why they won't continue to be popular throughout this season and many more seasons to come!

So go ahead, check out our new collection and latest range of blazer dresses. Our new arrivals are just what you need, and with endless colours, from a classic black blazer dress to a formal white blazer dress, as well as styles, fits and prices, you're sure to find the one you love.

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What Exactly is a Blazer Dress?

When it comes to blazer dresses, the classic wardrobe piece combines a jacket and dress. A blazer dress features the structured top of a blazer, with its padded shoulders, jacket sleeves and neckline, and blazer material. However, the dress element means the length is extended past the short jacket length to wear on its own as a statement outfit. Basically, a blazer dress is basically a blazer that has been transformed into a dress.

Why Are Blazer Dresses So Popular?

The blazer has been a wardrobe staple for well over a decade, but the blazer dress allows you to have your cake and eat it! The blazer dress can offer women more clothing options as they allow for mixing and matching pieces to suit every occasion. This includes wearing blazers with jeans, blazers with tights, blazers with skirts and blazers with shorts.

Blazer dresses are the perfect transitional piece for changing seasons. Because they're hybrids of blazer and dress you can wear them during transitional seasons like Spring and Autumn. Just pair with your favourite boots and bag and you're good to go- let the blazer do the talking no matter where you are walking!

For Winter, blazer dresses are great to wear with tights and boots. And because blazers are generally made from heavier material like wool they're perfect for festive period, whether it be birthdays, New Year or Christmas parties!

Whether you're looking to purchase a blazer dress for special occasions, casual workwear or everyday style, check out our blazer dress collection now!

What Makes Blazers A Wardrobe Staple?

The women's blazer is definitely a wardrobe staple and worth investing in one. They are versatile, professional-looking, comfortable to wear because of their loose fit and they're easy to take care of, and always add style.

If you are buying one for the first time as part of the new season, we suggest you shop for a classic colour, such as a black, white or grey one- it'll be sure to match everything and will ease you in to them. If you're no stranger to a structured jacket, then be bold and search for a blazer with a pop of colour and pair with your favourite shoulder bag!

Blazer dresses can be worn with anything- tights, heels, cycling shorts, trainers, boots and more, and can then help add to an outfit. They can make any outfit look polished and put together, no matter what the upcoming occasion is.

Where Can you Wear a Blazer Dress?

Whether you are looking for something formal or casual, from a white blazer dress or black blazer dress, to bright colours- here at iKRUSH we have a huge variety of blazer dresses for women for you to pick from, all exclusive and at a price you will want to sharpen up for.

Need a statement piece for the office? Then you’re in the right place. Power dressing is the way forward and we have got work-appropriate jackets that are sophisticated, classic and smart. Pick a black or nude tailored piece from our women's blazers collection and pair it with some flats and a figure-hugging office dress. If you are wearing all black, then why not pick a coloured blazer and pop your hair in that slick back high ponytail? It will be sure to add to your chic look.

Maybe you're going out for a night out in the town but you're looking for something to wear over your cocktail or party dresses? Then why not wear a blazer dress with some barely there heels and glam it up with some statement earrings. At iKrush, you will fall in love with our gorgeous collection of blazer dresses, all available to shop today!

For those romantic date nights, we have some classy and stylish slimline ladies options that will look great when paired with cute black trousers and strappy heels, and of course a small crossbody bag.

iKRUSH Top Pick: The Classic Monochrome Blazer

When it comes to colour, we love the brights, the patterns, the prints and the statement pieces, but we also love to indulge in a classic. A white blazer dress, or a black blazer dress is perfect to set any outfit apart from the rest. But blazer dresses come in a range of colours, patterns and prints these days- from red blazer dress to blue blazer dress or even all black blazer dresses.

Blazer Dresses for Women at iKrush

With so many options and styles, your search for that perfect blazer dress ends at iKRUSH! Whether you are looking for a double-breasted blazer dress, pleated flare, or other, we have something for everyone. We have them in every colour, size, brand and style you can think of! Use our website to save yourself the stress of building an outfit by shopping our several options.

Moreover, with our affordable and competitive price range, you will surely buy more than one style! We even have the best delivery options to ensure your items arrive in time for the big day. So, what are you waiting for? Save time and start shopping with us for women's blazers for the new season!

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