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Sunglasses mean one thing… It’s summer! Or you’re really lucky and you’re off on holiday during the winter! Or again you could be as bold as the celebs and into wearing them when there is really no need. No matter what the reason, you can always give sunglasses a go, even if you\'re just stocking up for your next big summer getaway.

Shopping for sunglasses in the UK can be tricky which is why we like to offer sunglasses online for you. Whether the style of the moment is aviators, cat eye sunglasses or round sunglasses we will try to get the latest trends each season. Women\'s sunglasses can be a lot more varied than men\'s styles. Little details can turn a boring style into some retro-inspired sunnies. We even have seen some more ‘out there’ looks such as heart-shaped sunglasses which are a great option for festivals! Speaking of out there, sunglasses have literally grown over the years. Yes, we mean literally. Big glasses have been becoming more and more covetable as of late. No more thin sci-fi style wrap around glasses or tiny mirrored sunglasses. Oversized glasses in different styles have became hugely popular, such as big circlular sunglasses or oversized aviator sunglasses for women. Daring sunglasses aren’t to be shied away from though. We love quirkier styles such as tortoiseshell sunglasses or flower sunglasses.

We do however understand that sometimes, all you want is some simple women\'s sunglasses. This could mean a pair of classic black sunglasses such as black aviator sunglasses. Black can be a bit dull though, right? If the trends are right why not go for something bolder such as neon sunglasses? This can also give a \'80s feel to your sunglasses, especially when teamed with other retro items such as neon tops or shorts. Colour can be a great way to stand out with your eyewear. Some of our favourites include; blue, yellow, red or pink sunglasses in any shape or style. Whether it’s square sunglasses, circular sunglasses or even cat-eye shades, a pop of colour can make them so much more you. Being yourself is the best bit about sunglasses for women as they can be the ultimate stand-out piece. Why not wear with other attention-grabbing items such as on-trend day dresses and sandals during the summer or boots and jeans with jackets when things get a bit chilly. We think that your own style is easy to express in accessories. This is why we think the perfect team with your new fave glasses could be some great handbags or jewellery.

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