Here we have one of our most important pieces of jewellery. Rings are a great way to work your look with just a hint of something different. They can also be quite meaningful. At IKRUSH it’s all about the trends, the statement and the overall look. Rings for women can be tricky to pick. This is why at IKRUSH we always bring you on trend styles at great prices to make your choice that little bit easier.

Let’s talk about the basics when it comes to rings for women. Simple changes such as which finger it goes on can make all the difference. Thumb versus pinkie is one old debate that keeps coming up for example. You can even choose the fingertip style if you’re feeling adventurous! Even the amount of can be an option. Stacking rings have been growing in popularity and when it comes to the right stack for you there are lots of options!

Getting a bit more complex now, let’s move onto statement and fashion rings. Ladies, jewellery can be far more exciting than just simple styles. We love women’s rings with a bit of a trend twist. This could be anything from daisy or heart shaped to gemstone rings. Even fake diamond rings can look amazing if they are extra chunky. Each style will go with a different look as well. A heart diamond ring can look great with a party look whereas daisy stacking styles are a good option for a casual day look.

So, IKRUSH is probably not where you would find diamond engagement rings but it’s definitely the place to for looking bang on trend at great prices. We even have some great party ready styles in store such as cocktail rings for women. The IKRUSH motto is if they are chunky and big, then they are all the better for it.

We have only really mentioned styles you have probably tried before. Why not have a look today though, for something totally different. This could be flower or peace rings if you’re channelling your inner 70’s chick. It could also be tiger or snake styles when you are channelling your inner animal. We have seen all sorts of animal rings for women before, so if the trends are right we might just have the perfect one for you.

So don’t be boring with your choice (this doesn’t mean not to go for bow rings…) but try something new today with IKRUSH. As our rings for women are really quite cheap, we are sure you will be looking for something to go with it! Check out the rest of our jewellery for necklaces, bracelets and earrings you simply cannot resist.

It doesn’t stop there though. You can get your fill of party dresses and evening dresses if you’re looking for something glamorous. Why not take a peek at all our dresses though? You might find a casual one you love! For a simpler look why not try out jeans or leggings and jeggings. Top it off with some of our tops or swap for cute skirts for an overall look that’s really pulled together.

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