We currently do not offer Lyra Peep Toe Platform Heels. Have a look below instead or try coming back later.

Platform shoes are one of our favourite styles of footwear! We love wearing wedges or high heel shoes in this style. This way we can get all the height we want and spare our feet the hardships of wearing high heels, as platform heels are so much more bearable. It’s quite a new trend. Well relatively speaking anyway, you certainly wouldn’t have seen your Mum in them back in the. Unless it was the 70’s and she happened to really like dancing to disco in her white wedges…

We think that platform shoes for women can fit lots of styles too. Plain black platform wedges with can be a great quick fix when you’re in a rush to get ready for a night out. For something a bit more fitting for a party look, you might want to opt for a silver or gold pair.

If you’re feeling bold, a bright colour such as pink, blue or red wedges can be a great option, especially when paired with something simple like a little black dress. You might be thinking that nice wedges don’t come cheap right? Well, we just want you to know that at IKRUSH we aim to always bring you gorgeous items at amazing prices, that way you can get a whole new outfit every time… Well if you’re feeling greedy!

Platforms shoes aren’t just about wedges though. We even have styles such as flatform shoes from time to time, perfect for getting some height in your casual looks. They also look great as heels. Even nude or black platform heels look a bit more special than plain heels and can give you a much edgier vibe. Although we have to admit silver or gold platform heels would win against them every time. You could even try something like red platform heels to add a bit of a colour pop.

Another style that’s a tad more unusual is platform ankle boots. This style is great for the winter in particular as you get the high heel style without freezing your toes off! Other chunky heels can also look great. We love platform boots but when it comes to the crunch, we keep being brought back to our favourite; wedges. Even strange or boring colours like yellow, purple, beige or brown wedges can be made more fashionable.

What to wear with your platform shoes? Well we like to think the answer is everything and anything but we’ll give you a bit more advice than that! Trend focused styles like leopard print wedges work well with simpler day dresses. When wearing something chic and simple such as nude wedge shoes, you can work the boldest of evening dresses.

During the summer, wearing styles such as tan wedge platform sandals is a great way to work your summer dresses. If you’re wearing something casual such as jeans and going out tops or even knitwear you can fling on a pair of platform sandals and some accessories and you’ll have party ready style in no time. Shop all our clothing for on trend style you can really afford.


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