We love statement necklaces! Not only are they easy to wear but they come in so many great styles that there something for everyone. Statement necklaces for women are a great way to make your own style stand out. It’s not all about lockets and simple gold chains at IKRUSH. We think that other, more exciting styles deserve a look in too! Short styles such as collar or choker necklaces can be a great option when you want your jewellery to stand out but not overpower your clothes. Chokers can also look good if you prefer chunky necklaces, especially with other chunky accessories.

We do know however that there are some styles that simply don’t go out of style. You might have that favourite locket that you wear every day and it never looks out of place. This can also be the case with traditional styles such as a wishbone, charm or pendant necklaces. There is something about statement necklaces that can make it seem so personal. We think that if you are getting a gift for someone, statement necklaces and other jewellery are a great and personal way to treat them! It doesn’t have to cost a fortune though. Bargain fashion pieces are also a great gift for your fashionista friend.

Don’t forget though, the trends can have a huge effect on accessories. We have seen an anchor style that tied in with the nautical trends, a heart locket that had that vintage feel and the occasional gold cross when the trend called for all things gothic.

Gold necklaces for women have to be our favourite style. Gold goes with almost anything and even a simple gold chain or the aforementioned gold locket can look great when teamed with the right clothing. Don’t get us wrong, silver is a great colour too and a silver necklaces or lockets can look just as amazing as gold ones but we think the latter is just more wearable. A copper or tarnished piece as well as various coloured pieces can be really popular too. This especially goes for those big statement pieces.

So when shopping for women’s necklaces, whether it’s silver necklaces or a heart pendant necklaces, don’t forget that at IKRUSH we aim to bring you the best prices! Whether it’s on trend tribal or collar statement necklaces? We will bring you the style you love at prices you’ll love more. We even sometimes have very different styles such owl or Eiffel tower!

We think that you need something to team with your statement necklaces though… Not just other jewellery such as rings, earrings and bracelets but great clothing too. There is nothing better than shopping for party dresses or evening dresses when you have your accessories sorted already! You don’t just need to wear it with party looks though. Statement necklaces can look great with shirts and blouses or other tops too. Work it with jeans or skirts and some of our amazing footwear and you are good to go!

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