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Tights & Hosiery at IKRUSH

Every girl knows that stockings aren’t just for Christmas but at IKRUSH we like to pop a little reminder in that socks and other hosiery aren’t just for practicality but for fashion too. It’s hard to get the image of the childhood knee high socks from your head when thinking about this area or those weird white tights your mum thought went with everything… Really Mum? When it comes to making tights and hosiery fashion-forward you have to not only think of the trends but the little details too. One great example of this is the suspender tights that took fashion by storm and made quite the example of boring old tights! The printed style was a step up from trying to feel sexy in fishnet tights or opaque tights by showing that comfortable tights don’t have to be drab. Other patterned tights have also been popular with styles such as tattoo tights and trendy fashion tights. Stocking tights haven’t been the only thing that has combined the trends with a sexy look. In the past we have seen lots of fashion-forward looks that have had that appeal. Knee high socks took the lead at one point, teamed with casualday dresses for that sexy, laid-back vibe. Some people even went as far as thigh high socks for wearing with shorts. So when it comes to trends, this category can have it all. Whether it’s fishnet or tartan tights nailing the punk trend, shiny or sparkly glitter tights with a party-ready feel or something that really stands out such as striped or ombre tights. Coloured tights can give you a bit of a break, turning boring black tights into something a bit more exciting. Purple, yellow, pink, blue, green or even red tights can be a great way to brighten up an outfit. Other colours such as navy or grey tights are great for simply matching with outfits that don’t have black in them. There are other details which can be important when choosing tights. Some girls love footless tights for something a little different, other preferred styles could include seamed tights, or sheer tights. Whatever your style, when it comes to tights for women IKRUSH is one place you so need to check. Why? Well our amazing prices of course! It’s not just our tights that you'll find at great prices. What you wear with them could be your next bargain buy. We have dresses and skirts in lots of styles which are an amazing choice with tights and other hosiery. When it comes to socks though, it might just be simple jeans that you’re looking for. If this is your style you should also check out our tops and knitwear for a great look all year round. Don’t forget, there are other great accessories on offer too. We have everything from handbags and purses to great jewellery and all at the amazing IKRUSH prices you expect. Go on, shop till you drop online with IKRUSH.

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