So what are you? Are you a gold hoop earrings kind of girl or a classy lover of pearl drop earrings? Everyone has a style they love. Some play it simple with drop or stud pair. Are there any others out there with a different style? Well, others go all out and work the trends too. Everything from feather, cross or even chandelier earrings can be right on trend from season to season.

Don’t get us wrong, we know that simpler styles are a good option too! For instance gold or silver earrings can be a great option when you want your outfit to stand out rather than your accessories. We think that earrings for women should reflect their own style! This is why we try to bring you everything from skull and crystal effect styles through to classic white gold earrings from season to season.

However, when it comes to trends, we know that being a lover of trends is part of your personality. So no matter what the trends are we will be aiming to bring styles that reflect them at great prices. This could be owl, spike or all sorts of funky, statement pairs. Whatever they are, we will be keeping our styles wallet friendly. We are not talking cheap earrings that look cheap though but fashionable, durable pairs that you’ll love.

So, what have been our most popular styles? Well, one that took us by surprise is black stud earrings. This simple design has been popular for quite a while. We think it’s because they are so easy to wear. Other easy to wear styles are a popular choice. We also find that different colour variations can be quite popular. We’ve seen purple, blue, red, turquoise, green emerald earrings all flying off the shelf (metaphorically, seeing as we are online).

It’s not all about colour when it comes to popular styles though. We have seen different shaped styles other than classic stud or hoop earrings that have been hugely popular. We loved girlish styles such as bow or star earrings and think that one of the best has to be cat shaped pairs. Hello Kitty, is that you?! They may seem like a challenge but when you take into account how small they are, it may seem like the best place to start if you are a newbie to being daring with your fashion choices.

Earrings for women are a great way to top of an outfit perfectly. This is why we think it is important to pick your outfit carefully depending on what style you go for. Diamante or gold drop earrings go perfectly with evening dresses and sophisticated accessories. Stud earrings for women are the perfect accompaniment to casual clothes such as jeans, tops and boots. We think one style, cuff earrings are a great option to work with your on trend items. This could be dresses or day dresses, jacketshigh heels or really anything that has been given a trend twist.

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