Bracelets for women seem to be quite an overlooked accessory at times. When it comes to jewellery, women are more often thinking about necklaces and rings. At IKRUSH though we think that, especially with costume jewellery, there is so much a silver or gold bracelet can bring to your outfit. Bracelets for women can make an outfit pop no matter what the clothes are like. You can wear some bangles with your casual day dresses or work your favourite charm bracelets with your everyday looks. There is even ways that girls who aren’t too into jewellery can find something they love such as leather bracelets.

One of our favourite ways to define who will love each bracelet is by putting our IKRUSH girls into metallic categories! You will either love silver bracelets or gold bracelets. Simple! Although in saying that we sometimes find our more unusual IKRUSHers love a copper bracelet and coloured styles. So whether it’s a silver bangle or a set of gold bangles we know that you like, well what you like! Everyone’s an individual.

Gold or silver bracelets for women may seem an expensive idea but at IKRUSH you don’t have to pay high to get the right look. We are not talking cheap jewellery that looks cheap but on trend pieces that don’t come with the 24 carat price tag.

It’s not just about the metallic though. Other details can make a huge difference. Other materials can add something extra. Some of our absolute favourite looks include a crystal, bead or pearl bracelet. Actually, beaded styles have to come under the top. Who can resist something that you remind you of being a kid again without actually looking like one?

A wristband may seem like a manly option but on shape we love that steals this idea is cuff bracelets. We think that when it comes to costume jewellery UK, the cuff styles are top of the pile. We love an arm cuff with extra details such as a spike in the cuff design. Although a simple silver or rose gold bracelet can be a good option too when it comes to cuffs.

Ladies, as much as we love them, we have to say that women’s bracelets aren’t the only must for accessories. We have to say that necklaces, earrings and rings should also be considered when shopping for a great look. Other essentials have to cover handbags, especially for a night out. If it’s a party look you’re after then why not check out our range of dresses? We have bodycon dresses, party dresses and evening dresses we’re sure you’ll love! For a more casual look we also have lots of great day dresses for you to try. Don’t wait though! Get fashion ready with IKRUSH now!

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