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Skirts are not only a fashion essential but they're also an amazing option for jazzing up your wardrobe and playing mix and match with your favourite pieces. Some of the most popular styles include skater, pencil, A-line, maxi and midi skirt. The best part about these simple styles is that from season to season each type will be available in on trend variations. This could be a tartan skirt in any of the mentioned styles, or a sexy leather skirt. The shortest of all is of course the classic mini skirt is a style that's seen all year round, that’s right even in the chilliest of winters teamed with thick tights!

Longer styles are always in fashion too. Don’t get us wrong, but sometimes the mini style is exactly what you need to go with your outfit. Especially if you’re working lots of other shapes or styles in your look. A-line skirts may be a great choice for a retro vibe but the mini can help you channel your inner '80s superstar, especially when teamed with some sequins or neon colours.

A denim skirts is a great choice for the summer months and can help take you from season to season when teamed with tights and knitwear. We particularly love a denim styles as a skater skirts, creating a super feminine shape and style.

The Pencil skirts is also super feminine, but in a completely different way. Think more power-dressing than girly! The black pencil style, for example, can be a great option for work wear and when teamed with a peplum top creates a womanly shape without being too soft. A pleated skirt is another well-loved variation that can be worked into lots of other shapes. A pleated midi may seem a bit too granny to be chic but pleated skater styles can look young and are definitely on trend.

Skirts are, for women, a big part of how they develop their personal style as it’s something that can either be worn as a statement piece or to match with other trendy items. Whether its mini, midi or maxi that you prefer, finding the right style for your outfit is easy at IKRUSH.

If its plain tube to blend in with louder items or gypsy kind to help you stand out and channel your hippie side during the summer, we'll always bring you styles you’ll love. Different lengths and styles aren’t the only variations we aim to provide though. Waist height can also be a big plus!

High-waisted skirts can be a great choice for adding a great shape to your figure. Another more unusual variation can be in the choice of fabrics. For example, tweed might seem old-fashioned but can look amazing when teamed with sleeker fabrics such as leather or silk. It’s all about trying new things! Even if that means trying out weird trends like a feather skirt, you never know what will work for you!

Another option which we prefer for summer is long or maxi skirts. Why not cover up in the sun as well as feeling a bit warmer when the sunshine disappears? Maxi styles may not be great with the UK’s unpredictable weather but could be your new favourite holiday item. White can be a good colour choice for holiday buys but we recommend avoiding wearing a pleated maxi skirt or anything thicker on holiday. We don’t want you overheating!




We wear all our skirts with great items from our other categories such as tops, leggings and jeggings, accessories and of course, the main haunt for great bargains, our sale section. Go on shop IKRUSH and treat yourself!


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