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Leggings & Jeggings

Long gone are the days when the term Leggings brought on flashbacks of '80s perms and garish neon spandex! Nowadays it looks like this style staple is here to stay and we at IKRUSH are pretty happy about that.

The ultimate piece for style and comfort, our leggings are available in a variety of colours, patterns and fabrics. After on-trend styles? Our gingham leggings and printed leggings are just so now! We have super shiny disco pants in gold, blue, red, green and pink if you're planning a night out in comfort. And if something a bit minimal is more to your taste, then just take a look at our comfy basic leggings available in every colour of the rainbow!

Now, for the days when leggings just won't cut it, jeggings are the perfect alternative, just like a pair of skinny jeans but with more stretch and comfort, we have an array of jegging styles and colours to suit any occasion, from denim-like blue jeggings to red, white and black jeggings, these stylish garments will keep you looking on-trend. With all the feel of denim but the cosy fit of leggings, jeggings are the ultimate versatile piece for everyday wear!

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