Clutch Bags

Clutch bags are the party essential and can even be the top choice for fancier occasions. Looking for something to wear with your favourite little black dress? Try a red clutch bag and matching footwear for a bit of colour pop. Want a simple bag to go with a louder dress such as sequin dresses? We think that every girl needs at least one black clutch bag. Maybe two… or three… At the end of the day, it’s something you are going to need at some point. What you really want is something that is going to match your outfit, match your personal style and match the occasion too!

A gold or silver clutch bag can be the perfect choice for during the party season. They are a great way to shine at the office party without going OTT. Other colours can give a total pop to an outfit too. A coral clutch bag is one of our favs for summer or a navy clutch bag for a subtle touch of colour in the winter. Some colours are just great all-round. Depending on the shade you choose, a yellow, blue, purple, orange and pink clutch bag is a choices we love all year round to help us stand out from the crowd.

Don’t worry though, that doesn’t mean we don’t love the plainer styles too. A black, cream or white clutch bag can be the perfect choice for some occasions. We also love a subtle shine pearl or nude patent clutch bag. These are great for wearing with girlier shades as well as with matching high heels!

At IKRUSH we like to think that clutches don’t just have to be about dressing up. We also like wearing a nice one with our more casual outfits. A simple tan clutch bag can look amazing with jeans or the leopard print style can set of one of your darker day dresses.

Fabric can also change the way we see certain colours. Suede can look great on a black or red clutch bag but it may not work so well on a turquoise, green or grey clutch bag. Leather is another on that can be tricky. A black leather clutch bag can look amazing but the patent red leather style sometimes runs the risk or looking cheap. Whatever style you prefer at IKRUSH we want you to find something you love. That’s why we keep our selection up to date and on trend.

No matter what you looking for or where you want to wear it, we understand that sometimes it feels like good clutch bags just don’t come cheap. That’s why we aim to bring you selections you’ll love at prices you’ll love even more. Don’t forget though, it’s the little details that really count and can make or break your outfit. Whether this means a box, silver diamante or even a skull style, always go with a style you love and you will feel great no matter what you’re wearing.

Our favourite thing to team with clutch bags though has to be dresses, especially party dresses and evening dresses. We also love wearing with a selection of jackets to help us keep warm on a night out. Why not try with some of your favourite blazers for a night out look to impress.

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