Unconventional Midi Dress Pairings That Actually Work

Unconventional Midi Dress Pairings That Actually Work


Midi dresses have been in fashion for quite some time now, and for all the right reasons. They provide the perfect mix of style, ease, and femininity. A midi dress can be immensely versatile, and you can never go wrong with pairing it with the right style of shoes or a jacket. However, today we’re going to talk about some rather unconventional midi dress pairings that are trending these days and actually work. So, if you're already a midi dress lover and want to spice things up, keep scrolling!

Georgina Long Sleeved Printed Midi Dress


Trainers have been ruling the fashion industry for a while now, and guess what, they pair pretty well with a midi dress. Whether you’re dressing up for a casual brunch with friends or hitting the streets, trainers and midi dresses can add that extra spunk to your outfit. Go for bold-coloured sneakers with solid colour midi dresses, or pastel trainers with print midi dresses. The options are endless!

Layered turtlenecks

Layering a midi dress over a turtleneck sweater is another unconventional pairing that looks chic and cozy at the same time. This pairing is perfect for fall or winter and is a great way to get more wear out of your summery midi dress. You can either go for a tonal look by wearing a turtleneck in a similar color to your dress or create a high-contrast look by pairing a black turtleneck with a colorful midi dress.


Do you think hoodies and midi dresses can’t be paired together? Think again! Comfort and style have become synonymous, and this pairing should be on your list. On a chilly evening, ditch your traditional jackets and pair your midi dress with a comfortable hoodie. Trust us; you won’t regret it. A hoodie not only provides that extra warmth but also adds that playful element to your outfit. You can opt for a crop hoodie with pleated midi dresses or an oversized one with solid colour midi dresses.

Denim jackets

We all love our denim jackets and would never hesitate to wear them with jeans. However, it’s time to take them up a notch and pair them with midi dresses. Denim jackets are super versatile and can be dressed up or down, depending on the occasion. Striped midi dresses paired with denim jackets create a perfect summer look, while black midi dresses go well with an oversized denim jacket.

Combat boots

Effortless chic is always in trend, and you can up your game by pairing midi dresses with combat boots. Believe it or not, the duo creates a perfect amalgamation of grunge and feminine aesthetics. Combat boots tend to add that extra edge to a midi dress, which can be perfect for date nights or a night out with friends. You can pair printed midi dresses with black combat boots or solid colour midi dresses with brown combat boots.

Oversized belts

Believe it or not, midi dresses are perfect for waist cinching when paired with an oversized belt. It’s time to ditch your skinny belts and go big. Oversized belts have been trending lately, and pairing them with midi dresses can add that extra style quotient to your outfit. You can go for neutral-coloured belts with printed midi dresses, and black belts with solid colour midi dresses.

Chaya Asymmetrical Pull Up Sleeve Midi Dress

Midi dresses have always been in fashion, but pairing it with the right elements can create a unique outfit. We hope these unconventional midi dress pairings provide inspiration for your next outing. Remember, fashion has no rules, and it’s all about creating a perfect outfit that reflects your personality. So, go ahead and experiment!

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