Top 5 Beauty Blogger Make-Up Tutorials ❤

Top 5 Beauty Blogger Make-Up Tutorials ❤

If you're anything like us you'll admit to spending a fair bit of time watching make-up tutorials by your fave beauty bloggers. It's so easy to get carried away, we know. You click on one amazing contouring tutorial, and before you know it you've spent three and a half hours learning how to recreate Kim Kardashian's eyebrows.


To save you a little time, we've put together our top 5 fave beauty blogger tutorials for your viewing pleasure. These girls really know their stuff, so next time you want to go on a YouTube binge check these out for everything from flawless foundation to unreal eyes!

Kaushal Beauty

This smokey eye tutorial is one that we always go to for a perf night-out look. And, to make it even better, this tutorial only uses drugstore products! Check this out for a cheap but effective classic smokey eye.

Alexandras Girly Talk 

This super short vid tells you everything you need know about contouring and highlighting your face to perfection! With almost two and a half million views and at only 3.30 minutes long, this is our go-to tutorial when we need a little help recreating our best Kim K cheekbones!

Desi Perkins

Big lips have been big news ever since Kylie Jenner began plumping her pout a couple of years back! This great tutorial has lots of amazing tips to get the best full lip look. We're also majorly crushing on the lip colour used by Desi- sooo gorge!

Alexis Kaymor

Perfect brows are pretty much our main life goals, so we've been loving this tutorial on how to achieve them! This tutorial has hints on how to groom your brows, and also the best products and brushes to use to get that super sleek look!

Shonagh Scott

Winged eyeliner is a look that just never goes out of style, and works so easily from day through to night. This amaze tutorial shows size (yes, six!) different ways to create a gorgeous winger liner look. We're in love!




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