Step into 2023 - The Hottest Footwear Trends to Get Ready For!

Step into 2023 - The Hottest Footwear Trends to Get Ready For!

Spring is in the air which means it's time to start thinking about updating our wardrobes for the new season. And what better way to do that than by getting ahead of the trends? Footwear is always a great place to start and we've got the scoop on what styles will be big in 2023. So whether you're looking for something practical or just want to add a touch of style to your outfit, read on for the hottest footwear trends of 2023!

2023 is going to be all about comfort - so ditch the stilettos and opt for a comfy pair of trainers instead!

Milan Lace-Up Chunky Trainers

Get ready to say goodbye to the days of painful stilettos: 2023 is all about taking comfort and Trainers to new heights. Everywhere you turn, sneakers in all shapes, colours, and sizes will be popping up in the fashion world. With trainers being the new ‘it’ style item this season, everyone can find a versatile pair -- and finally, get a break from paper-thin soles and ankle-width straps. So grab your comfiest sneakers and join in on the latest trend – because looking good never felt so good!

Platforms are making a comeback - but they'll be chunky and clunky, so start looking for those now!

Asia Lace-Up Chunky High-Top Trainers

If you thought platform shoes were a thing of the past, think again! In 2023, platform shoes are making a comeback with a vengeance. Forget the platform sneakers and platform sandals of the nineties – this time around, platforms will be chunky and clunky, reminiscent of decade-old styles that somehow never went out of fashion. Platforms are already appearing on the runways throughout this year, so if you want to stay ahead of trends and be ahead of the game in 2023, start shopping for some platform shoes now!

Neon colours are going to be everywhere - so if you're not a fan, it might be time to invest in some black-out curtains!

Aisha Lace Up Heels

The future of fashion is already here and it's time to break out the neon. If you’re ready to light up the night with some seriously vibrant style, 2023 is your year! You can expect to see bright pinks, oranges and greens within all sorts of footwear - from sandals to trainers. Plus, there's even a neon revival of chunkier soles and beefy heels coming too. It looks like this season won't be getting any duller anytime soon so if you plan on staying out of the new glow-up, now might be a good time to invest in some blackout curtains!

Animal prints are always in style - but this year, they'll be on everything from shoes to handbags!

Arya Ribbon Detail Sandals

Get ready to unleash your wild side - animal print footwear is all the rage this year! From leopard spots to zebra stripes, everyone will be walking around in style with these exotic prints. Of course, it doesn't stop at shoes - we're talking bags, scarves and maybe even wallets that feature wild designs that won't go out of fashion any time soon. Don't be afraid to embrace your inner beast and break the rules - after all, no one said fashion can't be fun!

Metallics are going to be big - so start stockpiling your silver and gold accessories now!

Aisha High-Heel Sandals with Diamante Detailed Straps

It looks like 2023 is going to be all about shining bright like a diamond! Metallics are making their way back into the fashion world, with silver and gold high on the agenda. On-trend footwear pieces like metallic mules, loafers, boots, and stilettos - you name it - will be essential for giving your look an extra sparkle. And if that wasn't enough incentive to get shopping; metallics can also create a more formal edge for any outfit - so it's time to start stockpiling shoes, bags and accessories now! Don't miss out on the metallic trend this Fall - 'cause precious metals are about to make a serious statement.

All in all, the biggest takeaway for 2023 is that comfort should be top of mind when shopping for shoes. Ditch the stilettos, and don’t be afraid of breaking out your favourite platform shoes - especially if you rock them with some colourful neons! Animal prints are also here to stay, so there’s no need to feel timid when trying out some bolder styles. For more subtle fashion, metallics are taking centre stage - that will make you shine this season! No matter what trend you choose to join in on, follow that unspoken wisdom: “If it looks good and feels good - wear it!” After all, having your feet comfortable never goes out of style.

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