Star Signs

Star Signs


The zodiac signs have been in existence for hundreds of thousands of years and people look to them for guidance. Today, people all over the world inspect their horoscope daily to find out what will be coming up in the near future for them.

Although some people dismiss the signs of the zodiac, they do in fact have more truth in them than you may believe. The zodiac signs consist of 12 astrological signs each based on a month of a year. Masters of astronomy have managed to comprehend certain truths of the world by inspecting the alignments of the plants - it works the same way as the moon controls the tide in the sea. If you truly research into your own astrology - it really is you letting in knowledge you already know but the openness of your mind will then allow the hidden insights to flood through and you will truly be able to understand yourself and your abilities.


Ruled by the determined and headstrong Ram, Aries can be stubborn and willful. They stand up for what they believe in and dig in their heels when necessary to allow for them not to be pushed around. The energy held in Aries is encouraging, unstoappable and bold - they are very devoted people and can be extremely caring when need be.


Ruled by the persistent and plodding Bull - Taurus energy can either be hyped up and ready to charge, or laid back and content. Taurus is the sign of the builder in the sense that when something is worth investing in, they take the steps needed to work towards the end goal. They show positive traits such as patience, support and dedication - but on the other hand, overindulgence, vanity and stubbornness can come to light at times.


Ruled by the sign of the Twins - the Gemini energy can be quick and frantic. Communication is everything for a Gemini , they have the gift of the gab and conversation can last for hours, but don’t let this fool you - the Gemini can also have a streak of the gossip girl where rumours can easily start if they are involved. The essence of their energy is charming, adventurous and original.


Symbolised by the crab - the cancer zodiac sign stands for a hard outer shell with a vulnerability held within. The crab holds its home on its back and with this, those who are under this sign, set up a cosy and safe environment wherever they go. The essence of energy held by a cancer is sensitive, feminine, creative and romantic. Cancer rules the stomach and urges us to go with our gut feeling for everything.


Ruled by the Lion - Leo’s energy is expressive, proud and fierce. They are extremely passionate about both work and loved ones and they inspire us to lead from the heart and wear our heart on our sleeve. Leo’s are known to be loyal, protective, honest and kind which makes a Leo a powerful leader. Leo’s energy can make people feel awakened and revitalised so it is very helpful to have a Leo to go to for advice and honesty.


Ruled by the nurturing rule abiding Virgin, Virgo’s energy undercovers the true essence of organisation and control. They are perfectionists that are very supportive towards anyone around them and they are extremely dedicated, helpful , health conscious and clever. They rule the sixth house of health and fitness which means all things green - whether this is healthy eating or cleaning up the planet.


Symbolised by the scales of justice, a libra is the true essence of balance and fairness. No matter how big or small something may be, a libra’s role is to equalise any situation. The energy that comes from a Libra is lovable, charming, sincere and of course very fair - they enable both inner and outer beauty to shine.


Ruled by the powerful and seductive Scorpion, the scorpio is one of the most mysterious signs of the zodiac. A scorpio embraces life cycles and always tries to reinvent and transform itself regularly. The energy of this sign is seen to be passionate, controlling, charismatic and focused. Whoever is under the sign of the scorpio can be found as intense and hold high energy where they have complex emotions and signs of overwhelment.


Ruled by the archer, sagittarius energy encaptures the essence of travel, enlightenment and truth seeking. People who are under this zodiac sign tend to be eager to expand and learn new things. They are inspired by the world and love globetrotting - they especially thrive when discovering new cultures and experiences. While being enthusiastic, sagittarius needs to know their limits as they can often bite off more than they can chew.


Ruled by the driven mountain goat, capricorn energy is determined, ambitious and focused. The essence of this zodiac sign is loyal, hard working and devoted. They are true fighters and will do whatever it takes to get to the top of where they want to be. To others, they appear to be the ‘rock’ and people rely on them heavily as they have such a paternal and structured nature.



Aquarius is symbolized by the water bearer, their energy is high in innovation and they are very cutting edge and ‘out-there’. This sign is very much to do with utopian worlds. An aquarius is always up for discussing extraordinary topics such as robots and cloning. Although this can make us a little detached from reality, we wouldn't have thought any of this if otherwise. An aquarius allows for futuristic views to come up in conversation and they as a zodiac a sign are very open minded, connected and original


Ruled by the enchanting fish, the pisces is the zodiac sign of illusion. The energy a pisces carries enables them to lure you in to their depths. The true essence of this sign is compassion, empathy and absorbing and reflecting each feeling that may occur. The pisces is very wise and comforting and often referred to as having a deep and caring soul.




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