Splurge Vs Steal (not actually steal – this isn’t The Bling Ring!!)

Splurge Vs Steal (not actually steal – this isn’t The Bling Ring!!)
Everyone knows the temptation to blow a substantial part of their wage on a must-have item. We've all been there - you have a party to go to and your ex bf/judgemental mean girl will be there and you want to look amazing. So you grab your supportive BFF and settle in front of the pc with an idea for the perfect outfit.... After hours of scouring hundreds of pieces and trying to decide whether a short skirt is the right way to get attention, if that low cut top just a little too low and is the weather really predictable enough for shorts? Maybe a dress or should it be a skirt and top combo??!! Now, what to do when you've narrowed down the search for the perfect outfit to two dresses but there's just one problem....they are both gorgeous but one is more expensive than the other? Do you stick to the cheaper option because the price tag won't have your bank manager sighing (again!) or do you splash out on an investment piece? So we've devised a super helpful pro list for our two favourite dresses to help you decide... Splurge Image Splurge -Christian Exclusive Bandage Dress £64.99
  • Cost per wear - yes we know that we rarely wear the same dress twice but let’s face it the bodycon isn’t going anywhere so you can bring it out every now and then. And besides if re-wearing dresses is okay for celebs and the Duchess of Cambridge then we're happy to join the crowd.
  • A statement dress means you don’t have to spend a fortune on accessorising.
  • You’ll have the satisfaction of knowing you will look amazing in front of said-person-you’re-trying-to-impress.
  • It’s not so likely anyone else will be wearing the same dress.
  • You can always sell it later.
  • This is not impulse buying, it's an investment!
Steal Image StealAiana Bodycon Mini Baroque Jewel Print Dress £14.99 
  • Really style is all in the accessorising so spending less on the dress, leaves some funds for finishing touches.
  • Everyone knows even celebs love buying from the high street brands
  • You won’t suffer from buyer’s remorse buying the cheaper dress.
  • Loving the look on people’s faces when you tell them actually no it’s high street!
  • The print design on this dress is mega popular at the moment!
  • And since we hate wearing the same dress too often, you’ll have some cash left to buy something new for the next party!
Now we appreciate these lists may not make your decision any easier but at least you’ll feel good about your choice! By Kirsten Rhys    
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