Snow Daze

Snow Daze


Every year we dream of a White Christmas, snow falling and being cosy with family… Spring however? Not so much. The past week has seen a huge amount of snow hitting the UK and we are not feeling it what-so-ever. Where’s Spring?!


Although there is a lot of negativity surrounding the chaos with no transportation, no work and being stuck indoors, here at IKRUSH we have made a list of all the exciting and fun things you should be doing with your spare time on these snow days - get comfy, grab a hot drink and get reading for inspiration now!


1. Get yourself outdoors with you doggo and get playing. We love seeing all the cute photos of fluffers out in the snow loving life!


2. Get your sledge at the ready, gloves and snow boots on and you’re good to go. If you do not own a sledge, there’s nothing stopping you from grabbing any item from the garage you may find appropriate to slide down hills on.


3. Watch a new netflix series - now is your chance to sit down, relax and binge watch that tv series you’ve been wanting to start for ages. The snow is not going anywhere so why should you?


4. Have a spa day! There is no time like the present to have a bath, get a facemask on and pamper yourself till your heart's content!


5. Bake. There is nothing better than eating some warm gooey brownies freshly baked on a cold winter’s day.




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