Sizzling Summer Hair Trends

Sizzling Summer Hair Trends

If you're anything like us, you'll start to get itchy feet each summer where your hair's concerned. Gone are the cold, frosty days of winter (and, if you're in the UK like us, let's face it spring too) that make your hair dry, flat and just generally a little sad :(

Now is the perfect time to give your locks a makeover and make the most of a flirty summer trend! Can't decide which one to go for? We've picked our faves this season and rounded up the pros and cons of each to help you make your mind up (you're welcome!)

Perf Pastels




At IKRUSH HQ we LOVE a bit of pastel! Pinks and purples in particular are our faves. It's not too much of a surprise then that we're a bit obsessed with the pastel colouring hair trend that is just everywhere this season.

If you're feeling extra brave, go for an all-over look, with lots of gorge layered colouring.  For those of you who want this lush style without making quite so much of an impact, apply some simple hair chalks to the ends of your hair that can simply be washed out after use.

This stunning look will make you stand out from ANY crowd, however might not be best if you're more of an understated gal.

(Psst... Kimberley Walsh from Girls Aloud has also gotten in on this hot look!)






The long bob (AKA the LOB) has been taking the celeb-world by storm this season. And we can see why- this super flattering style can be worn on all face shapes, so there is literally something for everyone!

We love Rosie Huntington-Whiteley's gorge layered hairstyle- this type of LOB looks sooo amaze styled with loose, messy waves and suits almost all skin tones and hair colours.

If you're looking for an on-trend, easy to wear looks this season then this just might be the hairstyle for you. However, if you love your long locks then maybe hold off on getting the chop- this look will take a while to grow back!

Hot Half Bun




If you're still looking for a change this season but not really up for chopping or dying your hair, the super cute 'Half Bun' will be right up your street. This is one trend we will defo be trying out here at IKRUSH HQ!

To achieve this look, simply part the top layer of your hair from the bottom and style it into a quick and easy bun. This can be worn messy, straight or curly and looks bang on-trend any way. The Half Bun is also great if you're rocking a boho look this summer, or if you're chilling at the beach for a Beach Babe vibe.

This look works best on long hair, but can still be achieved on shorter hair too. No cons for this need to give it a go!

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