Knee High Heaven

Knee High Heaven

Knee high heels and boots are back and we love them!

Have a look at the IKRUSH selection of knee high products here.

Can we ever get enough of shoes? I think not. These heels and boots will be top of your wish lists after you see this! They go with pretty much everything. You could create some amazing styles and top it off with a lush pair of knee high boots. They are just perfect for this time of year!

2015-10-15 11_38_48-Eris Knee High Heels In Black _ iKrush

Of course we need to start off with our Eris Knee High Heels for only £44.99! These sexy boots will complete an outfit and are a must have! Available in black and cream.

2015-10-15 11_42_32-Lystra Knee High Boots In Grey _ iKrush

These Lystra Knee High Boots are just perfect for this time of year giving you that Autumn look you desire so much. With a 4" heel and faux suede material these are to die for. Only £44.99 and available in black and grey.

2015-10-15 11_47_06-Kandice Knee High Boots In Khaki _ iKrush

These are very similar to the previous Lystra boots but these are the Kandice Knee High Boots and just as gorgeous! At the same price of £44.99 these are a must buy. Available in khaki and tan.

2015-10-15 11_51_21-Jorie Cut-Out Knee High Boots In Black _ iKrush

This pair of heels is just wow with their cut out detail throughout the central front of the shoe. These are the Jorie Cut-Out Knee High Boots and come for the price of £49.99. Available in black and grey.

2015-10-15 11_56_36-Steffie Knee High Boots In Black _ iKrush

This beautiful pair of heels are the Steffie Knee High Boots and are just unbelievable! We are just loving the cut-out style, it's gorgeous! These are only £34.99 and only come in black.

2015-10-15 12_01_52-Hassie Knee High Boots In Black _ iKrush

These are simple yet so desirable. This is our Hassie Knee High Boots and are just so stunning. Peep toe effect with a 4" heel, these are a gorg suede material and come in at £34.99. Available in exclusively black.

2015-10-15 12_08_05-Genoa Fringed Knee High Boots In Black _ iKrush

The Genoa Fringed Knee High Boots are so lovely and has an unique fringed detail running up the back of the shoe leg. Made of a suede material and has a 5" heel. Find them for £44.99, come in black and tan.

2015-10-15 12_12_51-Zelie Fringed Knee High Boots In Mocha _ iKrush

Very similar to the Genoa boots but these have thinner fringes at the back of the shoe leg. This lush pair are the Zelie Fringed Knee High Boots and are available in exclusively Mocha. They have a peep toe and a stunning 5" heel, find them for only £44.99!

2015-10-15 12_17_46-Caterina Peep Toe Boots In Tan _ iKrush

Finally the Caterina Peep Toe Boots are a dazzling pair with their unique cut-out style throughout the side of the shoe leg combined with some lace up detail. They are just UNREAL! Only £39.99 and are available in tan and black.

I hope these have appealed to you as they are serious must haves in IKRUSH's eyes. Your Christmas list will be slowly increasing bit by bit. Absolutely gorgeous selection here. Have a look throughout our website and discover the perfect pair for you.




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