How to Pack for Ibiza : The Essentials

How to Pack for Ibiza : The Essentials

The time has finally arrived to dust off that passport lovelies, Ibiza is calling!

It's Time to Jet Off

It’s been a long time coming, but we can finally return to one of Europe’s hottest destinations for summer fun.

While international travel is still very much limited Ibiza is a holiday destination that we all can’t wait to return to.

 denim shorts

Ibiza is currently on the Amber List

Ibiza has also avoided being placed on the red list and hopefully will be returning to the green list very soon.

So now is the perfect time to plan your future Ibiza outfits.

Your Ibiza Wardrobe

If you are dying to jet off to the sunny climate like us, you will need a suitcase of perfectly curated stylish outfits for whatever the Ibiza strip throws at you.

Here at iKrush, you can rely on us for supplying you with on-trend pieces that will help make you feel amazing and look gorgeous!


What should you wear in Ibiza?

Ibizans know how to dress for their hot climate. But what should you pack to wear in Ibiza?

iKrush's Ibiza Fashion Guide

We have put together a few handy outfit ideas and tips for you to consult when deciding what to wear on your summer trip.

These Ibiza outfit ideas will be useful for any activity you plan on doing on the island, from attending an Ibiza party to going swimming!

Get Packing

So, start taking notes because it’s time to add the coolest summer fashion pieces to your suitcase so you can showcase them on the Ibiza strip.

Ibiza is hot. Very hot.

What to wear on holiday in Ibiza? Ibiza is a very hot, sunny island with much of its population dressing casually.

Ibizans often dress up for nightlife and summer beaches.

You should take into consideration the following points when deciding what to pack for your trip:



Ibiza is a warm climate, so you'll want to dress in light clothing

The Mediterranean climate means that it can be really hot depending on where you are.

You’ll want to ensure that you pack light clothing.

Ibiza is a party destination, so dressing in airy clothing will be best for Ibizan summer weather.

You don’t want to wear heavy clothes because it may get too hot and you won’t have much space in your suitcase to pack multiple outfits.

Cute pieces such as a cotton shirt, jumpsuits, maxi skirts, and swimwear are essential items that you should consider packing as part of your Ibiza wardrobe.

These pieces can be easily styled, and are comfortable to wear.

While it might get cool in the evenings in Ibiza you can layer your day outfits with a hoodie or light jacket.


Ibiza Outfits: The Essentials

Ibiza is a stylish destination, so pack some of your favorite Ibizan-inspired pieces for when you’re exploring the island!

Ibiza also has lots of hills for hiking and beaches with pebbly sand that can be tough on the feet and many of the nightclubs have multiple levels.

Dressing in clothes that are easy to move around in will help make Ibiza an enjoyable experience.

Avoid heavy fabric skirts and dresses and instead opt for items such as a casual cotton skirt, kimono, and denim shorts.

Tight-fitting clothing, particularly during the day when the sun will be at its hottest, is also a no-no.


Items such as jumpsuits and playsuits are fab pieces to consider packing as not only do they look gorgeous but they will also help to keep you cool.

When it comes to deciding what to wear for a day out exploring the island you should consider picking practical casual outfits. You could pair denim shorts with a cute T-Shirt or cover your bikinis with a Maxi Dress.

Pack a few dresses that fall beyond the knees to avoid exposing too much skin in public areas where there might be more people around and it will also protect from any sunburn.

You don't need many clothes for your Ibiza outfit - pack accordingly!

When packing for Ibiza, think minimal! Try to pack clothing pieces that are versatile and can be styled in different ways.

maxi dress

For example, a Midi dress can be layered over a bikini for a lazy beach day and then dressed up with heels for an evening of drinks.

It is best to pack light layers that can be layered and mixed to suit the weather.

Light clothing will not only help you avoid suffering from sunburn but it will also protect you against Ibiza's strong winds.

Ibiza has a Mediterranean climate with dry summers.

beach party

 Make sure that you bring some clothes for cooler evenings like a light kimono, Denim shorts, and leggings.

Pack your favourite shoes as well, they're perfect for exploring the island

When packing for Ibiza don’t forget to pack your favourite shoes!

In Ibiza, you'll be spending a lot of time outside so remember your sandals and flats.

It’s important to keep in mind what shoes are most comfortable and will allow you to enjoy yourself.


Trainers and flats are perfect shoes for exploring the island and its shops.

Sandals and espadrilles are sexy, comfortable options that will see you through visits to the beach and pool parties.


 You can pick between strapped, velcro, slip-on, or pearl sandals depending on which one is your preference.

You’ll also want to show off your favourite heels in the evenings while enjoying a meal or dancing in the club.

 high heels

Kitten heels are a fab option for wearing to dinner whereas square-toed heels are very comfortable to wear while dancing.

Bring some sunglasses with you because it's sunny almost all year round 

Remember your sunnies babe!

Ibiza is in the Mediterranean, where it is hot and sunny all year round (though they do have occasional rain).

Pack some sunglasses for your day exploring Ibizan beaches and clubbing on the Costa D'en Blanes!


As you'll be spending a lot of time outside you’ll want to protect your eyes from the UV rays.

Let's be real, sunglasses are the perfect accessory to complete any outfit.

Sunglasses can also hide a multitude of sins.

Such as if your eye makeup has started to smudge in the heat, or you have tired eyes from being out all night.

Sunglasses will come to the rescue.

Pack a few different styles of sunglasses.

Aviator sunglasses and cat-eye styles are excellent options to allow your accessories to help switch up your style.

Pack at least one bathing suit because there are beaches everywhere on the island

Ibiza is great for tanning and swimming, and the island is renowned for its beautiful beaches.

Ibiza's beaches are generally safe to swim in due to the high levels of bacteria-fighting surfactants present in the water (thanks, Mediterranean climate).

So whether you are keen to go swimming at the beach or chill by the pool a selection of beachwear, swimsuits and a Kimono are essentials to bring in your bag.

A kimono is a great fun way to cover up on the beach


Swimwear is relatively light to pack.

Consider bringing different prints and styles with you so that you have the option of changing up your look.

A cut-out swimsuit will make you look edgy and cool at the beach.

From floral to boho to bohemian there are multiple options to choose from so you will always be ready for either a beach party or a pool party!

What to Wear at Night in Ibiza

Ibiza doesn’t get the reputation for being a party island for nothing!

So when it comes to clothing essentials you will definitely need an Ibiza outfit perfect for parties.

Ladies, many outfit options will help take your outfit from day to night.

So, if you have been out all day at the beach prepare to effortlessly transform yourself for the club.


Denim shorts and a floral top are staple outfits for wearing in Ibiza clubs as are mini dresses.

If you opt for a mini dress pair it with your favourite heels.

Worried that your feet will become sore? Wear your trusty flats.

A pair of leather shorts and a bodysuit is another excellent style combination for nightlife in Ibiza.


A maxi dress is a simple yet effective outfit for a night out in Ibiza as it can be easily styled and helps to hide any sunburn that you might have got at the beach!

Regardless of what you are wearing out at night in Ibiza don’t forget to take a bum bag.

Bum bags will help to keep your valuables safe as you dance the night away.

Don’t forget your bags!

No outfit is ever complete without it being paired with a handbag.

As mentioned previously, a bum bag is a great compact way to keep your valuables safe and close at hand in Ibiza.

However, a bumbag does not just need to be reserved for only in nightclubs but also an excellent bag to bring when exploring the island.

If a bumbag isn’t your thing then consider bringing a compact cute backpack.

This will allow you to carry your essentials such as sunglasses, purse, book, camera, and swimwear.


Thankfully clutch bags are very compact and don’t take up too much room in a suitcase.

Consider bringing a small variety of clutch bags with you to help set off your evening outfits.

You can choose from an array of styles, prints, and colours.

So get creative and don’t be afraid to go for a glittery bold statement clutch.

Consult what fashion influencers are wearing in Ibiza

If you are still struggling for what clothes to take with you on holiday in Ibiza then pop open Instagram and have look at fashion influencers.

Fashion Influencers tend to have thousands if not millions of followers on their social media channels.

They are known for paving the way in introducing and recognising new fashion styles and trends.


Influencers present these new trends to their audience through blog posts, YouTube videos, and posting pictures on social media.

Ibizan fashionistas are wearing light clothes with little detail, making them easy to move around in.

If you decide not to go all out in Ibiza style, pick stylish outfits with summer vibes such as loosely fitted pieces.

You'll see Ibiza is a place where you can head over to the beach in your bikini or shorts and t-shirt.

Have we got you excited about looking stylish abroad in Ibiza? Keep an eye on the iKrush blog for all your summer fashion that we can't wait to show you!

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