How to Get Emily in Paris Style That You Can Rock Right Now

How to Get Emily in Paris Style That You Can Rock Right Now

If you haven’t watched Emily in Paris on Netflix, then, babes. Why not?! 

With a second series promised, we've been re-watching our new fav social media influencer while she takes on Paris.

Whether you love or hate the show (we LOVED it obvs) there is one thing we can all agree on.

The fashion. Sigh. The fashion is just out of this world incredible. Seriously. It was so good that we didn’t even keep up with the storyline. All our attention was firmly on what Emily was wearing.

And if you want a taste of that Emily in Paris style, then we’ve got you. We’re going to show you how to dress like a French girl so you can live your very best Emily in Paris life!

Emily in Paris Style

There is just something about French girl style that ticks all the right boxes.

Sexy, but not too much. Trendy, but still unique. Chic, but definitely not stuffy. Yep. French girl style is the stuff of fashion dreams.

And although we binged Emily in Paris one episode after the other, we were very careful to take notes. Of pretty much every outfit she wore. This is a show that is made of fashion moments. And we are here for it.

And now you can look like you’re about to step out with Emily on the streets of Paris. Here are some of our favourite looks, and how you can rock them right now.

Look #1 Monochrome with a Pop of Colour

This look is just *chef’s kiss!

Not only does Emily (we know her name is Lily Collins but we are talking about Emily here!) look sensational strutting in her monochrome ensemble, but that chic pop of colour in her hat and classic cross-body bag adds the perfect finishing touches.

Get the look by slipping on a waist-cinching monochrome blazer, and top it off with eye-catching accessories, just like the girl herself.  



Look #2 All the Pink


We want to give this outfit a standing ovation. 

Can we? Is that weird?

And yes. Pink might be one of our favourite colours but come on lovelies! This is pink, on pink, on pink! Emily proves that going bold pays off. And if you want to try this look but you’re a bit unsure of going head to toe in fuchsia, then opt for softer shades. Think baby pink or even bubblegum coats, jumpers and shoes! Embrace pink and rock that shade from top to your tippy toes.



Look #3 Simple and Chic


Sometimes Emily’s simple yet oh-so-chic looks were our favourites. 

And this one goes to the top of our lust-list.

J’adore the combination of sweet and sophisticated little checked blazer, with super cool roll-up denim and a pair of adorable ankle boots. It really is the perfect blend of sassy and sexy, but great to wear every day. Rock this outfit in the office or for brunch with the babes.



Look #4 Bold and Beautiful


Excuse us while we just sit here and stare at this bold beauty for a minute.

Whether you having an amble around the streets of Paris or headed to a meeting with your work pals, a bold look and a graphic print dress with hot accessories is going to get you noticed!

We love Emily’s dress and heels combo, which shows off her gorgeous shape and her even more gorgeous style.



Look #5 Angelic Sex Kitten


Adorable meets sex kitten is the phrase that comes to mind when we spotted Emily working it in this little number. How can such a simple outfit make such a huge fashion statement?

Keep your tribute to Emily just as simple (and sexy) by teaming a lace crop top with dark denim jeans and a pair of killer heels.



Look #6 Parisian Belle


Could this be the most elegant outfit ever? 

Yep. We reckon so.

Nothing says Parisian chic like an understated black dress, black heels, and a red lip. And Emily has pulled it out of the (pretty little silver) bag with this one. If you are searching for a look that will slay and make people gasp at your radiant beauty...then this is the one for you. 

Just don’t forget the red lipstick. It’s a deal-breaker!



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