High Summer brings a tribal shift

High Summer brings a tribal shift
Tribal Celeb   Now we are into High Summer, aka ‘Summer Phase Two’ we can welcome some new trends into our ever-expanding wardrobes. We are leaving neon colours in the past and are shopping for equally bright, slightly darker shades in printed fabrics. Inspired by the rainforest, animal coats, foreign cultures and ancient traditions, the trend brings together colours and patterns that may not ‘match’ according to the rule book. Prints will clash, flatter and bring out the best in each other.


Our Vera Neon Tribal Shift Dress is one of our favourite kinds of dresses because it would work for a day look or for a night out with heels and make up. With such fabulous fashion leaders Nicola Roberts, Gwen Stefani and Kim Kardashian rocking the look, it is clearly one to follow. The patterned iKrush playsuits are equally fetching and transparent from day to night. Strapless, the onsies are easy to wear and perfect if you are trying to get a late summer tan. Dressing like a celebrity is a pleasure we all want to partake in from time to time (*cough* everyday) and with affordable pieces like these it can become more and more regular. The trick to this trend is simple – own it. Wear your print with powerful confidence and you will look nothing short of fabulous. By Mandy Thomson @IKRUSH_Mandy
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