Celeb Status Pooches

Celeb Status Pooches
As our social media followers will know, we are prone to a little bit of animal cuteness obsessing! But one thing we love more than cute animals is FAMOUS cute animals! (Not really, we love them all equally, but we're pretty nosey so like checking out how posh pooches live). We love nothing more than seeing some #instapets, and have noticed a recent trend for uber-pampered pooches splashed across our feed, making us jealous with their high-flying lifestyles and luxury goods. We thought we'd share the creme de la creme of the most glam canines with you, with a countdown of our 5 FAVE celeb pups! Sit back and prepare to 'awwwwww!' First up.. 5. Chrissy Teigen and John Legend - Pippa, Puddy and Penny


chrissy teigen

The most beautiful celeb couple also have the most beautiful celeb pets! The couple are known for adopting dogs, and have a love for the cute bulldog breeds. Penny was their lastest addition, adopted after her previous family gave her up - she is a little cute-legged French bulldog! We LOVE that all these celebs are into adopting their pooches. 4. Lucy Watson (Made in Chelsea) - Digby

 digby 2


Lucy's German Spitz Klein Digby is a regular on Made In Chelsea, and even has his own Instagram account! This pup is possibly one of the fluffiest pooches we have ever seen. One of our favourite things about him? In every Made in Chelsea episode, he growls at Lucy's ex-boyfriend whenever they have a scene together. If that's not loyalty, we don't know what is. 3. Tom Hardy - Woody

 woody 2


Woody became a celeb pet fixture after he was brought along along to his owner's latest film's premiere, and Woody totally stole the show. He is a formerly homeless rescue dog, and is so cute that he can even distract the ladies from Mr Hardy (now THAT'S charisma!). A known dog-lover, Hardy works alongside PETA to promote adoption - as if we didn't already LOVE him enough! 2. Kylie Jenner - Norman and Bambi norman and bambi


  Kylie Jenner is no stranger to this blog, and so why should her pets be?! Her Italian Greyhounds are adorable! She first got Norman back in 2014 and soon welcomed Bambi as a friend for him - these little guys are TOO cute! With their massive eyes and dopey ears, we are totally smitten. 1. Lady Gaga - Asia

 lady g

asia lady g

Lady Gaga's pooch is as fabulous as her - a French Bulldog breed, he is a common fixture on her Instagram. Usually looking fabulous in costume jewellerry, wigs and designer threads, if there was ever a case for being jealous of a high stature dog... THIS would be it! Asia OWNS the crown to the most pampered and preemed pooch, and quite rightfully so. Could you rock a full pearl necklace complete with pink now? Not like this pup! So there you have it - our top Celeb pooches! Who would've known, that in the age of Instagram we can really become quite jealous of celeb's fluffy companions... <3
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