Brow Game

Brow Game


We (vaguely) remember a time when no-one really cared about eyebrows. In fact, the emphasis was on having the thinnest eyebrows possible, preferably drawn on with a pencil. The Cara Delevingne power brows of today were unheard of.

Now, big and bold are the key words when it comes to getting the brows of your dreams. We've found the best tips from expert make-up artists so you can make sure your brow game is always on point.

Tweeze It

First things first, make sure you have some good quality tweezers and brow scissors if possible. These will help you to create a good shape for your eyebrow. Be careful however when using tweezers- make sure you only get rid of stray hairs, otherwise you might end up with brows that belong in 1997!

Shape Up

Make sure your eyebrow shapes up perfectly by making sure your arch always lines up with the edge of your pupil.

brow game

Fill, fill, fill

The big decision when it comes to brows is whether to use a pencil, powder or gel to fill in the shape. Each has their own advantages and disadvantages. Powders are often the preferred choice, as they are easy to use and create a natural look. Pencils are used less and less by MUA's these days, as they can sometimes produce a hard line. If you decide to use a pencil to fill in your eyebrows, go for one that leave you with a nice, soft finish. Gels are great to use to create the illusion of a fuller brow. These can be tricky to get right, but once mastered they will leave you with a full, natural looking brow.

Don't forget:

- Make sure you always carefully match your powder, pencil or gel to the colour of your brows to get the closest match possible

-Don't try to create a shape for your eyebrow that doesn't look natural or flattering- go for what suits your face best!

-Don't try to make both of your eyebrows exactly the same- differences are good!





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