Beat the Heat and Look Fab: What Fabrics Should You Wear This Summer?

Beat the Heat and Look Fab: What Fabrics Should You Wear This Summer?

Summer is here, which means it’s time to break out the sundresses, flowy tops and skirts, and strappy sandals. But with all that heat, what kind of fabric should you stay away from? And which fabrics will help keep you cool in the summer sun? Let’s take a look at some of the best materials for summer weather so you can be both stylish and comfortable!


Cotton is a natural fiber that's light and breathable, making it a great choice for summer dresses. It's also absorbent, so it'll wick away sweat from your skin. Plus, cotton is affordable and easy to find, so you can stock up on all your favorite summer dress styles without breaking the bank. Just be sure to avoid 100% cotton fabrics, as they can be slightly less breathable than cotton blends. Instead, look for dresses made of cotton-polyester blends or linen-cotton blends. These fabrics will be more breathable and easier to care for than pure cotton.

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Like cotton, linen is a natural fiber that's light and breathable. It's also absorbent, making it a good choice for sweaty summer days. However, linen can be a bit pricier than cotton, and it wrinkles more easily. If you don't mind ironing or steaming your dresses before you wear them, linen is a great choice for summertime style. Plus, its slightly elevated price tag means that linen dresses tend to be of better quality than their cotton counterparts. So if you're looking for a summer dress that will last for years to come, linen is a great option.

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Rayon is a synthetic fiber that's made from wood pulp. It's light and airy like natural fibers like cotton and linen, but it's also less expensive. And unlike natural fibers, rayon doesn't wrinkle as easily—perfect for those lazy summer days when you don't want to bother with ironing or steaming your dress before you wear it. However, rayon isn't as absorbent as natural fibers like cotton and linen, so it might not be the best choice if you tend to sweat a lot in the summer heat.

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Silk & Polyester Blend

This blend of fabrics is perfect for summer since it provides a lightweight and breathable option that still looks polished and elegant. Silk/polyester blends are often used in formal dresses or evening gowns since they provide a sleek look without being too heavy or uncomfortable to wear on hot days. Plus, they often come in bright colors or unique patterns which make them even more fun to wear!

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When shopping for dresses this summer season, make sure to consider these fabrics: cotton, linen, rayon and silk. Each offers its own unique benefits that will keep you looking fashionable while staying cool throughout the season! Whether you're searching for a new dress or just need something to wear on those hot days outside—you'll be sure to find something stylish yet comfortable with these options. So go ahead and beat the heat while still looking fabulous this summer!

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