Bag that bright style

Bag that bright style
I’m sure you girls would agree with us that a bag is more than just a place to put your keys, phone and purse (and all the other oh-so-essential-just-in-case stuff we fill them with). A bag has the power to complete an outfit and add the awe factor to the look. Just as equally, the wrong bag can kill a look. No girl worth her weight in fashion would head to a hot nightclub with an oversized, stuffy office bag, as it wouldn’t work with her sexy clubbing outfit. In the same way, going shopping using a tiny clutch bag makes no sense. Knowing us we would probably lose it among all our shopping bags, or we wouldn’t be able to fit everything we need for an afternoon shopping with the girls – mobile phone, make up, credit card, student card, our Nandos loyalty card (you know the essentials). Bags shop the look   Take our monochrome zig-zag inspired backpack, it would look great for a festival, going shopping and also taking to uni on the days you need to carry lots of stuff. The skull embedded purple clutch is available in a choice of colours on and would be perfect to accompany a glam outfit. The purple of the material is strong and fierce, working with the 3D skull piece to give your outfit real attitude. The Lulu satchel also comes in a variety of bright colours and patterns. Inspired by the Cambridge Satchel, the bag boasts an area to put a name card, two buckle buttons and a strong strap - perfect for carrying a bunch of heavy stuff to uni or work.

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A good bag needs to look good with your outfit, and make you feel good when carrying it. This season the staple bags are bright colours and bold styles. Take the new Mulberry ‘Willow’ – it comes in a strong pink colour that is sure to make a girl feel more confident when carrying it. The catwalks were full of bold, bright pieces this season and if the previews for A/W ’13 are anything to go by then the trend is just getting started. The ever-stylish Alexa Chung incorporates colour into her all black look with this bright turquoise Burberry bag. And this cute-as-a-button picture of Leighton Meester takes us back to our Gossip Girl loving days (how we miss Blair and Co). The show’s stylist Eric Daman clearly knew what he was doing with this trend; Leighton rocks the bright hand bag perfectly with matching Louboutin pumps. We know, we know you probably don’t have the budget to just buy a Burberry or Longchamp bag like you’d buy a loaf of bread, but no matter who made it, the bright colour promises to brighten up your outfit. By Mandy Thomson @IKRUSH_Mandy
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