Back to the Nineties

Back to the Nineties

Calling all Nineties fans- the carefree, teen-spirited decade is back with a vengeance. From Pixie Lott to Lily Collins, this is one of the hottest trends in the fashion world this season. Think dungaree playsuits, layers, double denim and refined grunge. Yet this modern take on the trend is much more feminine.  As with any decade, there’s trends that should never resurface. So you can say goodbye to skirts over trousers, butterfly hair clips, inflatable backpacks and choker necklaces. To keep the trend in this decade, choose one nineties element to incorporate into your look and keep the rest of your outfit simple.

Back to the Nineties Celeb Image

Perhaps one of the biggest trends of the Nineties’ was dungarees. A childhood staple, these have had a major comeback this season and everyone’s wearing them. Lily Collins is a huge fan of this throwback trend. Pairing the dungarees with a blazer adds an element of sophistication and we love how hers are slightly undone for a casual, laid-back look.

Lily Collins_Dungarees

One of the first wearers of this trend, Alexa Chung was  spotted in New York wearing a pair of 90-esque  dungarees which she paired with espadrilles and a    striped shirt.

Alexa Chung_Dungarees

 Wearing more than one denim item at a time used to be a huge no-no but celebrities such as Rihanna  and Miranda Kerr have breathed new life into the trend and made double denim cool again. Kristen Stewart’s take on the trend is spot on as she opts for a lighter denim jacket with a darker pair of jeans on her bottom half.

Kristen Stewart improved

Rihanna does things her own way by pairing a denim crop top      with skinny jeans.

Rihanna_Double_Denim 3So it's time to dust off those old dungarees- the Nineties are well and truly back.

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