Back to college's a thing right?

Back to college's a thing right?


Remember on The Hills when LC and Steph would go to classes at FIDM in LA and always look amazing? We know we're not in LA but we remember thinking, 'We wish we looked like that when we went to uni'. you can! All it takes is a few new items to jazz up your wardrobe and you will feel like a new woman, ready to take on another year at college.

It's all about buying the right things. A new pair of boots, a jacket or a new bag are the top things to invest in before the new semester begins. These will see you through the next 12 weeks of classes, in the run up to Christmas, through the different weather conditions. And what is best about these wardrobe staples? You don't get bored of them as easily. When we buy slightly higher priced items like boots, jackets, jeans and bags we feel a higher satisfaction than if we buy cheaper items such an jewellery and t-shirts as we know we will be wearing them for longer.

College product

But if you are sorted with your staples, and you want to buy a few cheaper items, go for some colourful tops or new skirts and shorts to lift your spirits as you return to your studies. Light tops and skirts work all year round as you can layer them with heavier cardigans, wear tights and they look totally different on a night out if you wear them with something new. A night out with the college girls? Sorted!

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We hope this has lightened your mood as you head back to boring lectures and assignments.

Whats your favourite item?

By Mandy Thomson


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