Accessorize Yourself

Accessorize Yourself

Instead of Jewellery, the new current trend is Temporary Foil Transfer Tattoos . This trend is being sported and brought to fashion by big celebrities and style icons such as  Beyonce, Rhianna, Katie Holmes and Vanessa Hudgens. Most of us will remember transfers from our childhood and the fascination of the end result, get ready to relive those moments with these great new alternatives to jewellery! These transfers come in different assorted packs ranging from tribal to henna inspired designs with numerous different styles allowing you to create a new look every time and be as creative 'til your heart is content. The most popular ways to wear these tattoos are as bracelets up the arm, on your hand or alternatively  on your body if you are daring and wearing a cut out or interesting shaped garment. These tattoos create different looks depending how they are worn from a delicate and floral look to exotic/gypsy chic & dramatic edgy rock, so they are fantastic to suit different styles across the board. They are great as they are not permanent so you are able to change them and don't damage the skin. The Foil transfers will without a doubt see their way through to SS15 for the festival goers and bohemian beach babes, until then... are you daring enough?

2014-12-05 16_08_18-Temporary Tattoo Body Art In Assorted _ iKrush2014-12-05 16_08_38-Temporary Tattoo Body Art In Assorted _ iKrush

If the temporary tattoos are not for you continue the fashion of the tribal look with our Lenzie Cuff Bangle in Gold. This statement piece will look eye-catching on your night out and add some edge to your outfit. The Cuff would look great styled with one of our jumpsuits to create a simple yet effective look.

2014-12-05 16_24_46-Lenzie Cuff Bangle In Gold _ iKrush

If you fancy creating your own individual look you could mix both jewellery and the temporary tattoos for a show stopping, jaw dropping look. Our Cleopatra Collar necklace is perfect for this!


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