5 Reasons Why Beyonce Is Queen Of The Universe

5 Reasons Why Beyonce Is Queen Of The Universe

Queen Bey is definitely our ultimate  Girl Power icon- since we were little girls singing along to Destiny's Child classics (remember Jumpin' Jumpin'?!) we've loved her style, talent and most importantly her ah-maze confidence. Although we're sure you already know why she's awesome, we've picked our top five reasons why Beyonce really is the Queen of the universe.

1.  She defines the phrase 'Bootylicious'


Before everyone was obsessed with getting a Kim K style booty, there was actually a time where having a big butt was not considered good (crazy, we know). Beyonce single handedly  changed this, rocking onto the scene with Destiny's Child's 'Bootylicious' and making all the girls sing about guys not being ready for their 'jelly'. A-mazing.

And let's not forget those denim hotpants in the 'Crazy In Love' video.

We have such a major Girl Crush. ❤️

2. She's all about Girl Power


No-one does Girl Power quite like Bey. With so many of her songs being related to confident women ('Independent Women,' 'Run The World (Girls),' 'Me, Myself and I,' 'Survivor,'...the list goes on) there's no other female pop star quite like her who is so comfortable standing up for the ladies and inspiring us to believe in ourselves.

As she says herself:

'The most alluring thing a girl can have is confidence,'

 3. She know how to treat her fans

2015-05-13 13_24_47-Beyoncé (@beyonce) • Instagram photos and videos

(pic: https://instagram.com/beyonce)

Beyonce knows the importance of her fans to her success and knows how to treat them right. She often shares snippets of her amazing life on her instagram account and on her website. We LOVE looking at her lush outfits and behind the scenes pics of her life with Jay and Blue. She also frequently duets with fans at her shows and even photo-bombed one at a concert (see, even she loves a good selfie).

4. She stays true to herself


Despite being one of the most influential and powerful women in the world, Beyonce always stay true to herself and is committed to her family and friends.

She says:

'My balance comes from my family. I have reality around me, and they tell me when I need to calm down, take it down a couple of notches. They tell me when I do something good,'

And she's still BFF's with her childhood friend and Destiny's Child bandmate Kelly Rowland- Awww, we love it ♥

And finally...

5. This is the dress she wore to the MET Gala...


We don't think we need to say anything else.




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