4 Day Dresses Going Retro

4 Day Dresses Going Retro

Day Dresses Give Us Some 60's Vibes.

We love a bit of retro style and when it comes to day dresses, there is no better way to inject some serious style into your casual looks. One era we can never get enough of is the sixties. From hair and make-up to clothing and accessories, the 60’s girls knew how to work it.   day-dresses-shift-dress-twiggy-IKRUSH One style that really stood out was the shift dress though. One star that certainly stood out wearing was Twiggy. This is a face that everyone will recognise but if you really love fashion you’ll not only recognise her but rejoice in her too! That make-up! That hair! We love how she pulled off all the 60’s style but you can see here that she made the shift look amazing… We found this old video of the star modelling in a catwalk waayyyy back in the 60’s. Please turn off the sound before watching. Old tapes do not give off a pleasant noise…     We also found this amazing Twiggy make-up tutorial. Such an easy look that will make you stand out from the crowd the Twiggy way!     So, we think that proves that Twiggy knew what she was doing when she rocked the shift dress and we think that, when looking for day dresses UK your best to team up with a Brit fashion idol! Did you know she has a Twitter account? We definitely think she is worth a follow. She posts all sorts of awesome things. Liiiiike… This…   And this…       See, awesome.   day-dresses-shift-dress-catwalk-koma-IKRUSH It’s not just the historic idols that have been working this look though. The stars of the runways were working the look for some amazing designers too! David Koma created some strikingly simple lines with his take on the shift dress, working with cut outs, simple colours and a soft pallet. One design was all in white which gave a stark but still beautiful feel. With the pastel blue dress, there is much more dimension to the look and it seems more ‘stand out’.   day-dresses-shift-dress-catwalk-temperly-london-IKRUSH Temperly of London was another to tackle the shift dress. Although you wouldn’t see day dresses anywhere near that catwalk! The whole show was full of luxury fabrics and gorgeous appliqué. We loved this simple white shift with mirror like adornments. Nothing says glamour better than shiny things right? With a bit more flare and some creative layering, this deep pink dress looked feminine but sharp and strong.  

IKRUSH Day Dresses

So what do we have for you in the day dresses UK online department? Well, we, of course, have plenty of shifts! Here are our top picks which we will be showing you exactly how to wear to create a whole new look. You don’t have to go all our on the 60’s vibe, just the dress will do!   day-dresses-shift-dress-top-picks-IKRUSH Now, we know that these really are for casual wear. Day dresses for weddings? Probably not but a casual look this on trend can not be ignored. Seeing as the shift dress can be a bit tricky to pull off as something dressier, we will give you a few pointers on how to work one as a party look! From plaid and tartan to simplistic monochrome. IKRUSH are going all out with shift dresses this season. Also, just a note, how much do you love a collared dress? This flattering neckline is super wearable and pretty flattering too. It also adds to the 60’s vibe we’re aiming for so it’s a double combo on the retro front.

Wear Your Day Dresses With Style.

We’ll deal with the party look first… Out of the four shift dresses, we had to choose the collar stripe shift dress as, with shorter sleeves, it will be much easier to smarten up a bit (in other words bling up…). We wear with Lace Up Spike Boots to give more of an edgy vibe and tie this in with our black and silver bead chocker necklace.  To add a touch of glamour, we chose the glitter postman lock clutch bag which will give some necessary sparkle to the outfit. This look is monochrome at it’s finest girls.   day-dresses-shift-dress-party-look-IKRUSH For a bit more colour, we look to our first day time outfit. A punk vibe is instantly added with the red tartan of the tartan collar shift dress. To give this a chicer vibe, we wanted to use big bling with a simple edge. The bead pearl and chain choker gave us just that. For footwear, we loved the block heel gold plate boots with some on trend, cut out detailing. In true punk style we went for a pattern clash an chose the animal print textured grab bag, the perfect size for all your daily essentials.   day-dresses-shift-dress-punk-look-IKRUSH Next up we tackled tartan again but in a much more prep friendly way. This pastel blue collar plaid shift dress has a distinctly preppy vibe which can be great for day dresses! We wanted a blue pallet and picked the lace up canvas shoes in navy to go with the super cute, super soft button front cardigan. This preppy blues look needed some spicing up and we went bold with the neon statement fan necklace to create an interesting contrast.   day-dresses-shift-dress-preppy-look-IKRUSH Our final outfit give a big salute to all things 60’s by mixing the grunge mod look with some Twiggy like detail. With the collar plaid shift dress you all ready have a good mod base but the addition of a hooded parka jacket truly tops it off. The male mods may have been more likely to sport them but that gives us a great way to make this look more 2014 than 1960! Wear with suede creeper shoes in khaki for a great overall outfit. Truly want to feel like Twiggy? Sport the super full volumous false eyelashes! Who said you can’t wear falsies during the day?!   day-dresses-shift-dress-mod-look-IKRUSH Well, that’s our round up for today. Why not also look at our day dresses sale? There might be few things you fall for hidden away. You’ll also not have to boohoo about your budget. Even though IKRUSH prices are always, well, quite amazing, our sale prices are even better… Let’s round today’s blog up by leaving you with some serious 60’s inspiration. If you’re not feeling in the retro mood after watching this, then well, we’ve definitely failed you! How could you not want to be a part of that night though?     By Mhairi O'Neill  
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