Midi Skirts

The midiskirt is a great, versatile option for wearing casually during the day or as a great alternative to dresses at night. They come in a huge variety of styles too; it\'s not all about the black midi skirts you know. A pleated, pencil or even a denim midi skirts could be the next on your trend hit list. Wear a hot red number on your next big date or opt for a leather midi skirts for an office look with a fashion-forward twist.

We may not have all these styles in all the time but we try to bring you exactly what is on trend from season to season. This fashionable and versatile lower body garment is an up-and-coming wardrobe staple overtaking a lot of other skirts styles. At IKRUSH we absolutely love mixing a full midi skirt with lots of trendy pieces for an easy style update.

Midis are usually seen as a bodycon or as tight fit jersey option but at IKRUSH we like to define other skirts styles in the midi category too. The line between regular and midi length pencil skirts can be a bit blurred. Our way to define this is by categorising skirts that come to the knee as regular pencil skirts and anything below the knee as a midi skirt. See, just a knees worth of difference.

You see the same with a line skirts. A regular a line skirt stops just above the. Take that hem to mid-calf and you’ve got an a line midi skirt. Now you just need to know that there is no limit to what kind of style you want, from season to season colours, patterns and trend changes. You can find a pink or pink midi skirt in the summer. Perhaps a blue or green one for the winter. Maybe even a burnt orange, nude or red midi skirt in the autumn and mix all of these through your wardrobe all year round.

Midis are everywhere online, but at IKRUSH we try to bring you the latest styles as well as something a little bit different, so keep your eyes peeled for that ‘it’s so totally you’ option. Whether that’s a red midi pencil skirts or a denim midi skirts, we think being you should be top priority.

You can wear a midi skirt with… well… pretty much everything! Whether it’s casual cool with a tucked-in jumper or one of our casual tops, party-ready with crop tops or simply smart with shirts and blouses worn under a blazer, we want to work that look.

They looks great with cute flats from our range of footwear but when worn with high heels the midi skirt gives a flattering shape, especially if it’s a high waisted style! Don’t forget to check out our accessories too for head-to-toe style perfection. We even have some treats for you in the beauty department!

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