About Us

Fashion isn’t just about clothes, you know, it’s a whole industry of people working together to create inspirational style and trends. IKRUSH is more than just online shopping, it’s an experience and we want our site to be inspiring and creative when it comes to fashion and style. We have competitors yes and we want some of the same things like happy customers and great products but that’s pretty much where we draw the line with the similarities.

Yes we do obviously want people to order from us (we need to pay our magazine subscription and keep up to date with the Celebs) but selling has never been the first priority for us. We believe that instilling strong principles, giving great advice and offering gorgeous fashion at incredible prices is what will keep customers coming back to us again and again. Essentially we threw out the ‘How to be Successful in Fashion’ book and wrote our own rules. Success to us means you will take inspiration from us to create your own style, feel confident and Love Yourself.

We looked at the fashion houses and the big brands and realised there was more to offer. Ikrush is up against some long established fashion companies but we’re not interested in copying them because we want to create our way of working and focus on values and customer service. Just like fashion, it’s all in the details.

The F Word

...no not that one, we’re talking about feminism. Not the burning your bra kind, since good underwear doesn’t come cheap. We mean the kind of feminism where you stand up for what you believe in, you care about your fellow women, you dress for yourself and feel good about it and mostly that you Love Yourself.

IKRUSH has a wardrobe of the scale celebs can only dream of – it’s massive and full of gorgeous, fashionable pieces in nearly every trend imaginable. Our ‘doors’ are open to fashion-conscious, crowd-stoppers around the globe. A worldwide one-stop-shop for head to toe looks in styles to please even the most discerning of women and girls.

Do you always follow the latest catwalk looks or are you more of a trend-setter? Is it a surprise when something is a hit or do you know what colours and styles are going to be big next season? Follow our fashion-forward looks or create your own image with just a little inspiration from us.

We are a style source for girls wanting to keep ahead of the crowd – and with such great value, you can create a new look every week. It’s like the trends jumped off the catwalk, got restyled into something actually wearable and there they are on our very own website ready for you to choose your latest look. Fashion updates are posted daily on our Facebook and Twitter pages and we feature the latest trends on our amazing blog.

Nowadays some will throw items together and call it fashion but we know better. Real fashion is inspired and inspirational, it takes commitment and creativity, you have to be brave and bold…but most of all it takes confidence to say ‘I love it and I don’t care what you think.’

Whether you’re a follower of fashion or a stylistic fashionista, you’ll always find something to get your heart racing at www.ikrush.com

Our Story

IKRUSH is run by young entrepreneurs who thrive on relating to our customers on every level. Although the Krush brand has been long established in the Scottish high street stores, we’re celebrating our online store’s 1st birthday in 2013. So we have the best combination of experience and fresh talent. Taking the brand global has been an incredibly fun venture which has exceeded our expectations with fantastic support from existing and new customers.

We noticed that although the online fashion market was overloaded with a choice websites, there seemed to either be faceless giants with little personality or small boutiques that lacked the resources for innovation. We wanted something fun, fresh, fashionable…and lots of other words not beginning with F!

We knew we had to deliver incredible fashion as well as great value for money – that was the easy part but we also wanted to come up with new ways of connecting with our customers and building up a strong relationship with fashionistas around the world. We’re always coming up with crazy ideas and innovative ways to connect with our followers including our newly revised blog, the YouTube channel and our social media network.

Our strong principles and work ethic have remained the same since we started. And our fashion loving team in our branches and now online always offer the very best individual treatment. IKRUSH has the ultimate ambition of making every customer feel amazing by offering the latest fashion trends for our customers to wear and feel amazing. The IKRUSH family is proud to provide a human touch in a digital world. And this is an exciting year for us with our 1st birthday and also the launch of our brand new website. We’ve been working non-stop to bring the world of IKRUSH to you and know you’ll love our site so much you will have to tell your friends!

The Founders of iKrush

Before the ‘I’ was added to IKRUSH, the brand started with one store in a small town in Scotland where a young man began what was soon to become a chain of stores in the high streets of Scotland. With a family history of retail business this eager young man wanted to achieve great things and was willing to take a big risk at a time when the financial crisis was at its peak.

Bold and brave the first store opened and was an immediate success with core values of on-trend fashion, low pricing and of course the Krush customer experience. The mission was to make sure each customer was valued and not just a number, word spread and soon fashionistas were flocking to the store. Sister branches began to pop up throughout Scotland and now the brand is proud to boast ten stores on the high street achieved through nothing more than an idea for something better and bigger and sheer hard work from a dedicated team. Okay so it was more high heels and determination than blood, sweat and tears but you get the picture!

When his younger brother decided to join the business it was clear great things were to come for Krush. One day in early 2012 the two brothers were thinking of how they could share the Krush experience and have everyone feeling and looking amazing in the latest trends. This was the moment iKrush.com was born! A year later, the iKrush online store was created, designed and filled with a slightly intense and indulgent love of fashion offering up-to-the-minute trends to customers around the globe.

iKrush has become the popular shopping destination for girls who love fashion, trends and all our favourite things worth talking about. It’s based around our core business values and great customer service to make sure every customer feels amazing in her new outfit. We encourage every one of our fabulous IKrush girls to go on and Love Yourself.

Here’s to the Girls...

We love what we do! We’re fun, fashion-obsessed, a very mixed bunch of quiet to outspoken, and often a little bit weird. Some days it feels like we live and breathe iKrush but we do actually go home and have social lives (which now we think about it pretty much consist of fashion, friends and social media soooo not really all that different from work!) We get excited when boxes of new arrivals come in, we eat cake and celebrate each other’s birthdays…we’re a family. The IKRUSH Family and it works – yes sometimes we debate (argue) over which celeb ‘wore it best’ or how many pairs of shoes is too many (you can never have too many!) but we always support one another as a team. Our job is more than just making our collections look good, we want others to love them as much as we do and we love making others feel great. We love highlighting the latest trends / fashion / celeb styles to all our customers for prices that allow everyone access the IKRUSH experience. Every member of the IKRUSH team is innovative and bursting with ideas for you, our customers. We like sharing our experiences and getting involved in what’s trending on social media. Most of all the company has a fun, little weird, fashion obsessed, unique and memorable personality.